Monday, August 5, 2013

Two weeks feels like two months

Well, things really are getting better and better :) The boy that was getting baptized probably won't get baptized on the 10th :( His parents want to postpone it. I'm really glad my companion is who she is.  She and I have our differences of course, but we love each other and are becoming more efficient teachers by the minute.
Yay for cereal!

I had my first really scary encounter yesterday.  We decided we'd see what it was like on the other side of the river.  It's in our area, but we hadn't been yet.  It was different. We talked to this girl who was about 16 years old (only 3 years younger than me) and she said she would like a Book of Mormon, so we gave her one and told her a little bit about it. 

We then went on to meet different people in the neighborhood, and 10 minutes later, the girl's mom with a big dog approached us.  The terrified (and now very uncomfortable) girl was lagging behind. The mom yelled to us and was verryyy angry.  She handed back our Book of Mormon and chastised us hardcore.  "Why do you think it's okay to just walk up to a child like that?! This is a very tight-knit community and if I ever see you doing that again I will call the police!" 

We told her we were really sorry and wished her a good night in the nicest way possible.  I think she was mad that we didn't get mad back, but what can we say?  We're missionaries.
I felt bad for... whatever exactly it was that made her so angry.  And from now on we will definitely consider a 16-year-old as a child and never talk to them, but it was just really a funny experience.  I hope she feels better now.  Well, that was one of the craziest things.
Out on the road :)

Did I tell you that an atheist prayed with us?  It was a great experience :)  Oh! Get this!  A couple of days ago we met a man that ONLY spoke Italian.  And we totally understood him!! We just responded in Spanish and he understood pretty well too! It was soo cool. 

I can't believe I actually kind of know Spanish for real.  It's such a blessing.  Can I say again how extremely grateful I am to have a journal?  I am trying to re-read my entries every week now and it's just SO AWESOME!  Not because I write well or my hand-writing is nice... or that it even makes sense a lot of the time... 
Cute story! Ask mom to translate ;)

It's just amazing because you forget soooo much.  And things change sooo often.  Also, read D&C 6.  When you need more of a witness, remember the ones you have received in the past.  How?  By writing them down.  And reading them again.  I figure someone will be blessed through my advocacy of journaling. 

"The elect will hear my voice and harden not their hearts (D&C 29, I think)." You ARE the elect of God when you heed his words. We had this tender experience the other day too. These are some of the elect of God for sure. We met a kid named Rick (age 18/19) and we asked if he would like a Book of Mormon, to which he responded, "That's whats up." :]

So, we gave him one and went to visit another boy we had been teaching down the block who is about 17- yes, we got permission from his parents. That boy...let's call him Tommy...was outside playing basketball and then we sat down to teach him more.  Awesomely, his friend P.J. showed up and started asking us a bunch of questions.  He joined to listen to the lesson and then Rick from down the road showed up again too because he wanted to listen some more!

It was so cool that these 3 teenage boys had read the Book of Mormon and were so impressed with the fact that the Atonement could wash away their sins, that they had a purpose in this life and that God could communicate with them through prayer.  How amazing is that?!
I cut my own hair. Spontaneity keeps life exciting.

I wish I could write forever, but that will have to suffice.  I am still trying to gain weight.  I am loving it here more and more everyday.  We tracted in the rain and it was fabulous.  If anyone wants to send me some jokes, I've exhausted all of my old ones :] Miss you all! Make sure you have studied or re-studied chapters 4 and 6 of Preach My Gospel!  Missionary work is so incredibly amazing.  Choose the right!


Hermana Sanabria!!

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