Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Small and Simple Update :)

Well hello everyone!!!!!!

I don't have much time today.  I just want you all to know how happy I am.  I love being a missionary and it is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life.  I am so blessed Heavenly Father gave me these 18 months.

The more you keep the commandments, the more you see God's blessings in your life.  BUT they are always there.  Sometimes you're just too human to see them.  I can't explain how amazing it is to see that God brings to pass so many great things through such imperfect people.  It's still just really hard to believe HOW MUCH God loves His children.  "Man is nothing."  Well, yes, I am nothing...But those are not my words.  I think they're Moses's.  Anyway, all he is saying is that WE are so very small and simple.  How can it be... that God trusts us to share in the same work that is His, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man... That is a big deal.

Recently I have had many spiritual experiences and confirmations of my testimony. I have never been so humbled in my life.   I owe everyone a very sincere apology for any way my faults have affected your lives.  I do love you all and hope to show that love always.  I hope that doesn't sound too gloomy because I am really happy :)  The mission is just a humbling place.  You see in bright RED all of your many imperfections.

It is hard not to feel...small and simple...because we are, BUT God still helps us to feel His unconditional love and peace with where we are and where we are going. 

Well, really, I had an AMAZING week and not too much time to share about it because I have my first zone activity today.
Look what I made!  My beans came out just like mom's! And...I ate them with a tortilla... I hope I'm still part Puerto Rican by the time I get back :)

First, I love that I have met some Puerto Ricans here.  They are AWESOME! And everyone makes fun of their Spanish.  Second, I gave my first talk in Spanish in sacrament yesterday and it was AWFUL, but someone told me they could feel the Spirit and I almost cried because I was so grateful.  Again, God is always helping us.  Third, my companion refuses to hand feed me.  She'll come around. And when she does, I'll let you know :)  Fourth,  I PREFER TO EAT THINGS WITH HOT SAUCE! What?! I know... There is a large Mexican population out here and I just eat what they feed me :)  Tortillas, hot sauce...It doesn't always sit well in my stomach, but my taste buds have been enjoying some very different and spicy things.
Cooking enchiladas with Abuelita! Hot day...

My ward is on FIRE! They are so pumped for the work and we are doing ALL we can to help them.  We are planning ward activities, catching the vision of the bishop, committing to improve on whatever he asks us to.  The people here are soo very sweet and they all LOVE us sister missionaries!

Oh, and my companion is wonderful.  I totally love her.  I didn't get a transfer, so same one. Yay!  She is also a perfectionist. I'll tell you more about her later :)

My companion and me!

I love you all! Find out who your ward missionaries are and talk to them! They need your help!~

Que les vaya bien,
Hermana Sanabria! <3

PS - An hermano from my ward said this to my companion and I with tears in his eyes:

"You come out here to baptize, but I want you to know that you already fulfilled your purpose because I have never seen my dad's heart be so softened.  Especially not by missionaries.  Thank you for coming on your missions."

His dad isn't a member and you could tell he was so happy that we could be instruments and help him.  <3

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