Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HARVEST that field!

Hello!!! I will probably print all of your letters today because I don't have much time to read them before I write this. Sorry! WOW! Well, where do I start?! I tried to control my emotions when writing last time, but that is sooo HARD! So, I'm just gonna let it all out today :) 
AH! Okay, we have a ROCKIN' investigator.  I'll refer to her here as Ellie.  She is about 46 years old.  She was the last house we knocked on Saturday.  When she opened the door she just stared at our name tags.  It looked like she was concentrating really hard.  So... I just started our little introduction, "Hello! We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ..." As soon as I finished she said, "Like with Joseph Smith and all that? Do you want to come in?" ABSOLUTELY! "Sure, thanks!" :)
So someone on a line at the store had brought it up to her before.  ~Thank you very much for helping prepare her, sir.~  Long story short, she knows the Bible soo well and goes to church, but REALLY wants to find out from God if what we teach is true.  Talk about golden.  After our first lesson she studied the Book of Mormon for two hours and prayed her heart out to know.  Guess what? She also quoted James 1:5 before we brought up that Joseph Smith was inspired by that SAME scripture! 

So, she wanted us to come back Sunday and we did! She sat down quickly and said, "Okay! Vamos a empezar.  Tengo hambre!"  And she folded her arms for the prayer :)  She was again referring to the Bible and the spiritual hunger she had for truth.  Cute, huh?!
We are going back tonight.  Three days in a row so far.  She told us, "I wish you could just come every day and that I could study this all day long."  THIS is the definition of a white field. READY TO HARVEST BABY. 
What else?... The 3 teenage boys we taught last time were outside playing basketball this past week and hid from us.  Sad :(  They started hanging out with some different boys and I'm pretty sure they're getting into drugs now.  Stupid Satan. 
My comp is awesome!  The mission realllyyy has got to be good practice for marriage.  We have a DTR like everyday :)   I'm memorizing Moroni 7:45-48. You should too!  It helps me to remember that I need to have love for everyone all the time.
Oh!!!!! One last thing!!! Okay, last Monday.  It was a long day right?   We get home from teaching and my companion wanted to throw some stuff in the dumpster.  She threw THE KEYS into the DUMPSTER!
I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to go dumpster diving ALWAYS! You can't imagine how excited I was.  I jumped inside that dumpster---- skirt and name-tag and all.  IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! Talk about a tender mercy from God.  Ah. I am still SO EXCITED about it.  It was dark and smelly and something splashed on my ankle when I jumped in, but it was AMAZING!
Okay, I have to go now!  I love you all! Keep studying the scriptures, sharing the gospel and praying your hearts out. 
Hermana Sanabria

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