Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mi Nueva Vida

The famous Portillos! I got to go just like Hermana Fisher told me to!
Okay! My dear family and loved ones!

Oh, what a beautiful day!!!!! I want you all to know that miracles happen EVERY DAY!  My companion and I experience and hear of multiple...and those are just the ones we are actually aware of at the moment. 

It has been probably the most amazing week of my mission yet.  There have been so many tears, but so much joy.  Where do I start? 

We had a HUGE miracle.  And here is the disclaimer: It had nothing to do with us.  We are just the harvesters.  We got a referral from the English elders about this family they tracted into that didn't speak English.  The son translated for them.  That was on Friday.  We went to see the family Saturday, had a lesson and invited them to church on Sunday.  It's a mom, her 5 sons (and one on the way), her "husband" and his brother.  They ALL came to church!! Her boys are just amazing little spirits.  She's worried about the older ones and really wants them to have the gospel.  They are soooo prepared!!!

We went to their house before church to help them get ready to go and the mom was just so excited.  The boys really didn't seem too upset about waking up early either!  It is just amazing.  This miracle.  I don't know if you sense the gravity of it! 

When the mom was 15, missionaries taught her for a little bit in Mexico.  It was absolutely God's hand that the Elders came to her door on Friday and not us.  She remembered their white shirts and ties.  She remembered those name-tags and she knew that it was an answer to the struggles she was facing.  I am so grateful that their family will have the gospel in their lives.  They loved church and the members were soo helpful and welcoming.  Yay!

I really am so blessed for the health and safety and happiness of my family.  There is one very very sweet lady in our ward who just lost her only son two months ago.  He was only 18 and I think it had to do with drugs.  She has no family in the states and no husband.  She is now living alone in an apartment and we are doing all we can to support her.  Thankfully, she has crazy strong faith- even after being inactive for four years- and she is doing amazing.

We made her a Book of Mormon study journal and let her write the title on it or decorate it.  It was a really tender moment watching her write, "Mi Nueva Vida."  She said she'd write in it that same night.

We can all start a new life with a new attitude and with new hopes and dreams as often as we'd like.  Just decide to.  God can take us where we are, with what we have, in any point in time and make us exactly who we need to become.  We just have to let Him.  What a blessing.  My companion and I were talking about how it's great to know that we can't mess up God's plan.  We just can't.  When we make a mistake, when we don't follow a prompting, He still provides a way for his eternal purposes to be brought to pass.  How wonderful!!

She really made me think that I would go through any and every trial if it just brought me closer to my Father in Heaven.  I would endure any heartache and sadness, any despair and trouble, any difficulties just to be closer to God.  And we have the assurance that everything is made up through the Atonement.  I know, I should be careful of what I say because it's not as easy as it sounds, but I think we'd all agree. 

We got lost and ran into this awesome couple.  We helped them carry stuff to their car and talked a little about the church.  They were off to a birthday party, but they said we could stop by their apartment any time!  Let me tell you about this hilarious interchange:

---He had mentioned earlier that he had one son named Isaac---
Me: I'm Hermana Sanabria
Man: I'm Abraham
me: En serio??!
Man: Yes, It was meant to be that way because Abraham in the bible really inspired me. My name was Orville, but I had it changed to Abraham.
Us: Wow...that's really cool...
---This is when we both look at his wife---
She chimed in: No no no. I'm just Julie. Not Sarah. He tried to get me to change my name to Sarah, but NOPE. I am Julie. Just Julie.

Hahaha. Hilarous, huh?!

There was this other time we were at a garage sale and started talking to this Spanish lady.  We had been talking to her for a while when a man interrupted (very nicely) to tell us that we were bringing a foreign God onto his property and we couldn't hand out material unless we took some of his.  Of course we did, but he kept us there for a long time talking about how we don't put Jesus first.

The lady had walked away and we thought we wouldn't see her again, but she came back and interrupted the man to shake our hands.  She gave us her address so we could go teach her more and said, "Mi casa es su casa."  The man didn't understand Spanish ;)  He was super nice though.  We left on great terms :)

Listen to this one :)  We had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom in church this Sunday.  Do you want to know what they talked about? *Keep in mind that I'm in a completely Hispanic ward.*  You should not put so much salt on your watermelon.  Then you really can't taste the fruit that God made for us."  I agree.  Limit the salty fruit.

Remember,  we cannot be or do anything without Jesus Christ.  We would not have anything if it weren't for His Atonement.  Every minute is precious so please use it on what matters.  It works out pretty well when your daily schedule is to exercise, study, teach and serve.  All day long.  Days are like weeks, weeks are like days. How true that is.  Oh how I WISH I could stay on a mission forever!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, pleeasseee go out and teach with the missionaries.  They need your testimony, people in this world just need some good friends.  Help the missionaries by being a good friend to the people they are teaching.  How GREAT will be your joy!

Your missionary,
Hermana Sanabria

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