Thursday, July 11, 2013

Most Intense Week Ever

This email will probably come in a little bit late because I spent 10 hours out in the real world today!  So, here's how it all began...
First, let me inform you that I am a solo sister now in a trio since my district left. Oh! And that's just a whole separate story.  My district is amazing and I know God hand-picked them just for me.  They all left by this Wednesday and so now I get to help out with things here in the MTC.  I just can't wait till I see all of my district again.  They're going to do SO great!  Okay, so I woke up at 6:30 and got ready for the day.  At 7am I started to do some exercise while my companions finished getting ready and then BAM! At 8am the craziness commenced...
Sucio Saturday
My companion was in a lot of pain.  She said it was her side that was bothering her and it even hurt to walk.  To try to simplify a long story I'll say this...  We went to the MTC Health Clinic, then they sent us to the BYU Health Clinic where my comp got an iv for dehydration.  Then off to some random place for a ct scan...and finally, we were sent to the ER for surgery because she had appendicitis :( 
She was such a trooper.  We finally got taken back home at 6:30pm tonight!  It was right in time for dinner which was great because we lived off of vending machine snacks all day.  Yummm :)  My companion is staying overnight in the hospital, but the surgery went well.
Dispensations day! I was supposed to be Adam, THE Adam
There were SO many great parts to my day.  One huge blessing was that one of the BYU students that shuttled us to the MTC was spiritually and temporally prepared.  He asked if she would like a blessing and beamed as he pulled over and laid his hands on her head right there in the van.  The Spirit was so strong and I was immensely grateful for his diligence in living the gospel so that he was worthy to give my companion a blessing.  So, more waiting...more studying... and more freaking out.  I was very much aware that I was around REAL people and not pretend investigators.  I struck up a conversation with anyone I could, but until I did I was sitting there thinking, "Who should I talk to?  What should I say?  What is the Spirit telling me?  Is that person giving me that weird face because they want me to talk to them? I don't know what to say. What if they're anti-Mormon?..." It went on and on. 
In memory of our forefathers!
Anyway, I spoke to this old couple who definitely were not anti-Mormon.  The old lady just grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go.  It was all wrinkly and warm :) She said cute grandma things like, "You're so precious."  I almost took her back home.  She also kissed my hand twice....that's cool too. :)  An old man shared some missionary wisdom.  So did another.  Of course everyone is Mormon- or so you'd think! In the emergency waiting room I walked over to these native Spanish-speakers.  She spoke broken English and was mildly anti-Mormon and the man spoke no English.  They were both kind of catholic.  It was so much fun! I could actually communicate with them! Or at least I thought I was :)  The man had strong faith and also believed in faith AND works, but he focused on his independent relationship with Christ and couldn't fathom the idea of one church under Christ with a modern-day prophet.  So, it was a lot of fun.  The anti-Mormon lady gave me a goodbye hug and a peach.  Score.  The native man shook my hand and said thanks.  I was talking with them for about an hour and I'm sure if nothing else they enjoyed the entertainment.  Hispanic people are great.  Julio and Elba... I really enjoyed getting to know them. 
Our missions!


I didn't have much time to write today... My apologies.

I love you all!
Hermana Sanabria

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