Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Week in the MTC!

Well, FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! I wonder if it is even possible to describe the MTC.....It is simply AMAZING!! I am convinced that the Celestial kingdom is going to feel pretty darn similar to this place.  Excuse my language. I promise I won't be using those words around investigators...

Okay, First day here: I was just so happy I was somehow physically exhausted.  I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry... and ironically...I've done both every day till now! They say the MTC is like a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs and all over.  Its so true.  Thank goodness for prayer.  Yesterday during study time I told my companion, "I'm just going to say a quick prayer." When I lifted up my head 25 minutes later all she could say was, "Well, you look happy!" And I felt happy because taking time to talk to your heavenly father- like really having a conversation with Him- is incredible!  Of course I have always prayed and at times in my life I have prayed more sincerely than others, but mission field prayers are in a realm of their own.  
My district here is SO close!  They are all so obedient and righteous and humble.  There are 12 of us- and not to brag- we are told that we are everyone's favorite district.  Hooray! I am so blessed to have been put with them.  And with my companion also.  She is so sweet and patient with me and my faults.  We try to speak spanish all day long.  Can you believe I already know enough to do that?!  Its only been a week!  I LOVE the MTC.  
I keep thinking about how my call is so inspired. I can't help but get emotional when I think about my family members in Chicago that I can help come to Christ and changes their lives for the better.  Here's some advice: Study Preach My Gospel along with your Book of Mormon study as often as you can.  I'll be honest- I forgot how amazing it was! My email time is almost up. Oh no!  I love you all SO much! Please write me! I didn't think I needed or wanted letters and stuff from the outside world, but it's lonely here without your usual family and friends! Not in a bad way... Just in a "man... I love those people" kind of way.  I cant wait to write more next time!
 Hermana Sanabria

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