Thursday, June 20, 2013

Come Unto Christ semana pasada...fue muy bien!!!  My district is INCREDIBLE.  They are all hilarious and so exactly obedient in everything they do.  Not every district is like ours and I feel so completely blessed to be with these amazing people. Yesterday was a really spiritually uplifting day.  First, some of us decided to read 2 Nephi 31-33 and pray to receive answers to our questions and receive confirmations to our testimonies.  We got on our knees and prayed together.  Eight 19-year-old kids in a room pouring out their hearts to God and studying His word.  There is nowhere else I would want to be now than here at the MTC. The spirit was so strong in that room.  To top it off, during class time our teacher didn't have any lesson plans so we requested a testimony meeting.  That was the second one that day.  Jeez... I almost can't take the awesomeness.  
Here is a picture of our zone! I'm not standing next to my companion, but I think I already sent you a picture of me with her.  The other girls in our district are the first four from right to left on the front row, and the Elders are a little scattered. Hopefully I'll have more pictures to send next week!
God lives and loves us.  And for anyone that is concerned about the missionary work nowadays...  Man, I promise that the missionaries I know will astonish the world with their sincerity, love, obedience, and faith.  Wanna know something that you already know?  Kay, I'll tell you: The scriptures (I mean the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) are FULL of promises from God.  Some are super duper super cool... Like: ALL of your sins will be forgiven.  Completely deleted from your book of life.  If you don't want it there, God will FORGET it.  Or,  how about... Ask a question.  ANY question. And God will answer it.  How about the promise that God promises to love you always and forever no matter what?  One of the beautiful things that the scriptures do for us is give us hope.  How amazing is that?  And why do they give us hope? Because God makes promises and He DOES NOT LIE.  If He says it, He means it. And sure, it's not completely a free ride.  What good parent would offer that?  Still though, He asks so little in return and it's so simple too.  Just look at the darn serpent on the stick for crying out loud!  
We went to the temple today as we do on any good p-day.  What a great place to be.  Always stay worthy to enter the temple.  Overall, the theme for my week has been: Come unto Christ.  What we say here a lot is to be God's investigator.  I think that came from one of Holland's devotionals.  If you want your investigator to pray more sincerely... Guess what? God wants YOU to pray more sincerely.  If you want your investigator to exercise more faith... God wants YOU to exercise more faith.  Cool to think about, huh? We as missionaries, no matter where we are, we're all trying to come unto Christ.  The reason for that is simply because coming unto Christ is not an event... it's a journey.  And being a worthy disciple of Christ is a constant effort.  Don't have any big sins to worry about?  Work on those sins of omission.  Only because it's fun to improve :)  Anyway, I'll stop ranting.  I'm way to used to writing in a journal... PS: Totally wrote 12 pages last night. BAM! I love you all. I really do.  I'll try to make my report more interesting next week.  Stay strong fellow disciples!
Hermana Sanabria

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